Seeing Picasso
Pace Gallery

An augmented reality audiovisual guide for the Seeing Picasso exhibition at Pace Gallery in Palo Alto.

Seeing Picasso is an exhibition of Pablo Picasso's artwork spanning the late 1890s to the early 1970s. On view at Pace Gallery in Palo Alto, the show highlights Picasso's key breakthrough moments, which catalyzed a number of artistic movements and styles of the modern era.

For the exhibition, we developed an augmented reality experience on iPad that helps guide visitors through the exhibition. The iPad app contextualizes each piece in the show by visually juxtaposing related artworks and providing audio narration from a Picasso scholar.

The Seeing Picasso AR experience was developed in collaboration with Local Projects.

Note: some original artwork is obscured for copyright purposes.

Seeing Picasso was developed using Apple's Reality Composer and ARKit.
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