Digital Installations
OSU James Cancer Center

Multiple screen-based digital installations for the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center including a large-scale touchscreen, digital storybooks & an LED wall.

In December 2014, The OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center opened a brand new state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Columbus, Ohio. To greet visitors to the new facility, we worked with Pentagram to develop a series of digital installations and environmental graphics across the site.

An 84" touchscreen experience in the main lobby of the building helps users learn more about the facility and the people who made it all possible. We developed the touchscreen application in C++ using the creative coding library Cinder. The screen is backed by a custom CMS that we developed to enable content updates via the web.

The video bar design is a motif carried throughout the building, used in both wall and floor patterns. We led development of a custom application that schedules and renders animated content to the LED bars.

Personal stories of survival and the efforts to fight cancer are told through digital displays located throughout Ohio State University’s new cancer research center. Over 18 networked displays render animated text and visual content managed via a custom content management system. A web-based interface allows administrators to change content and layout as well as direct where each story plays between the various screen locations at the facility.
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