Interactive Storefront
Estée Lauder

An 8 foot tall interactive window display for the Origins flagship store in Cambridge, MA.

For the relaunch of the first free-standing Origins store, Line Break worked with Estee Lauder's Design, Technology, and Innovation Group to create a unique interactive window shopping experience on a high foot-traffic thoroughfare of Harvard Square.

Conceived by Line Break and Ann Street Studio, the interactive experience features a large scale cinemagraph - a living image somewhere between a photo and a video - that detects the movement of passers-by and responds with dynamically composited text and visuals. The installation is a unique take on the concept of window shopping, designed to bring people into the Origins world in a lightweight and delightful way.

Line Break led the project from initial concept through design, development, and fabrication. We worked closely with the teams at Estee Lauder and Origins throughout the process.
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